Ferrini® Boots

Ferrini® manufactures and distributes premium leather products with a strong focus on footwear, which includes men’s, ladies’, and children’s western and fashion boots, as well as men’s dress shoes. The Dallas-area warehouse maintains tens of thousands of pairs in inventory with thousands more continually housed or in production at the factory in Leon, Mexico to meet the growing demand. Ferrini also partners with tanneries and factories in Italy, Spain, and France to produce their exclusive line of men’s dress shoes and fine exotic leather accessories, which include belts, wallets and handbags.

Vino Ferrini, the fourth generation of the family, takes advantage of this expertise, combining original designs and styling from their Italian shoes with centuries old connections to North American boot making.

Each pair of Ferrini boots are handcrafted and include leather soles and lining, orthopedic cushioned foot bed, and the highest quality leather good.  Each pair is hand finished with hand-driven wooden pegs.

Ferrini® CHOICES…

*Genuine Exotics*
Styles available in Caiman Crocodile, Lizard, Ostrich, Alligator, Kangaroo, and Python.

*Exotic Prints*
Quality leather boots with lasting exotic imprints originating from precision plates developed by Italian craftsmen. Get a million dollar look with a leather boot price point.

*Classic Leather*
Premium leather boots with styles ranging from classic western to our uniquely western influenced fashion boots.

*Dress Shoes*
Exotics and fine French calf leathers are handcrafted by top Italian and Spanish factories, offered at competitive American prices. Although we do not carry these fine quality shoes in the store, they may be ordered.

Ferrini® TOE STYLES…

*Pointed Toe*
Pointed toes like the V-Toe narrow to a point at the toe with a snip toe tip to complement any fashion statement. These boots are well-suited for any formal occasion.

*Round Toe*
Round toes, such as Ferrini’s traditional western R-Toe or classic French-Toe (FR-Toe) provide the versatility of wearing for casual or formal dress.

*Square Toe*
Sqaure toes, such as S-Toe, have become a style of choice for many of today’s boot wearers, providing additional comfort in the toe box; and are a practical choice for riding or recreation. D-Toe boots have a narrower square toe profile and offer a more traditional western boot look with their undershot walking heel.

MEN’S BOOTS – 2016

Men's Smooth Ostrich Black Cherry

Men’s Smooth Ostrich (Black Cherry)

Men's Smooth Ostrich Nicotine

Men’s Smooth Ostrich (Nicotine)

Men's Caiman Tail (Cognac)

Men’s Caiman Tail (Cognac)

Men's Kangaroo (Dark Antique Saddle) S-Toe

Men’s Kangaroo (Dark Antique Saddle) S-Toe

Men's Teju Lizard (Black)

Men’s Teju Lizard (Black)

Men's Teju Lizard (Chocolate)

Men’s Teju Lizard (Chocolate)

Men's French Calf (Black)

Men’s French Calf (Black)


Ladies' Laser Glimmer

Ladies’ Laser Glimmer


BELTS – 2016

Lizard Belt (Black Patch)

Lizard Belt (Black Patch)

Lizard Belt (Brown Patch)

Lizard Belt (Brown Patch)