Dux Clogs

Dux is an ergonomical shaped shoe with durable qualities. Developped out of the innovative and soft Duflex material, which is a homogenic and resistant cell-rubber with viscose-elastic and thermoactive qualities. This provides a high comfort feeling and good clima control.

Below are a sample of the available colors in the store. Come on in to see our wide selection…

Dux Black Clog

Dux Black

Dux Grey Clog

Dux Grey

Dux Iceblue Clog

Dux Iceblue

Dux Red

Dux Red

Dux White Clog

strong>Dux White

Dux Rose Clog

Dux Rose

Dux Pink Clog

Dux Pink

Dux Khaki Clog

Dux Khaki

Dux Riviera Clog

Dux Riviera

Dux Brown Clog

Dux Brown